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Is legacy technology holding back your accountancy firm?

The move to the cloud has been going on for years in the accountancy sector, fuelled by the popularity of systems like Xero and QuickBooks. As well
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How switching to Office 365 can help accountancy firms

Technology has always played a big part in the accountancy sector. And new technologies can often prove hugely beneficial in terms of updating and
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Evaluating the true cost of IT for professional service firms

When used effectively, technology can be transformative for any business. It enables automation and can drastically improve efficiency and
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Avoiding the cyber crime threat from Making Tax Digital

Introduced in 2019 ahead of a wider roll-out, Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a government initiative which aims to transform the UK tax system.
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How law firms can use the cloud to manage legacy software

Like so many industries, the legal sector has become increasingly reliant on its own specific technology stack - a collection of software and
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Simple IT benchmarking for professional services firms

With technology playing such a fundamental role in today’s professional service industry, you can’t afford to experience significant IT downtime,
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Key considerations when migrating to the cloud

The ‘cloud’ is and has been the biggest buzzword in the IT industry for quite some time now. Yet despite this, the cloud is still proving to be a
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5 reasons you should choose a cloud provider with private data centers

There's been an explosion in the demand for privately owned, EU-based data centres in the last year, causing alarm amoungst cloud providers who
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