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Securing the legal hybrid working experience

Cybercrime has been a thorn in the side of businesses for years now, but the move towards remote and hybrid working has made things a whole lot worse.
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Case study: Clarkson Wright & Jakes Solicitors

Law firms face daily pressures in dealing with detailed documentation that must not only be in the correct formats, but that also must be fully
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How to get your partners on board with cyber security

In the typical law or accountancy firm, it’s always the partners who are looked upon to spearhead change and keep the practice moving forward with
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Avoiding the cyber crime threat from Making Tax Digital

Introduced in 2019 ahead of a wider roll-out, Making Tax Digital (MTD) is a government initiative which aims to transform the UK tax system.
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Are you Cyber Essentials ready for your next Lexcel audit?

"Cybercrime is a near-constant threat to law firms." This is something we are now all far too used to hearing. But it is true, and because of this
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Five ways Legal and Accounting firms expose themselves to cyber crime

Cyber crime is a major threat to all businesses, and it’s one that is constantly evolving and updating – making it difficult to defend against. This
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Windows 7 end-of-life is fast approaching – make sure your firm is prepared

As with all products, there will come a point when the manufacturers decide no more. The point when they no longer support or make further releases
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Don't Believe Everything You Read - Especially In Your Inbox

It’s evident that social engineering cyber-attacks, namely ‘phishing’ and ‘whaling’ have grown from small-scale issues into pre-eminent threats. Some
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Huge Yahoo Attack: What You Need To Know

Yahoo has had 500 million accounts exposed in what is believed to be the world’s biggest data breach. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for the
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How To Create a Strong Password

Are you on Twitter? The social media site is the latest in a string of high profile password breaches, leaving its 320 million users vulnerable to
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