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How law firms can benefit from Office 365

In the past, there has been some resistance within law firms to using cloud IT solutions. But that is now eroding as more and more firms realise the
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Is the future of the legal cloud desktop Citrix free?

One of the most frequent conversations we've been having with legal sector IT Managers recently is how will the desktop evolve over the coming years?
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How law firms can use the cloud to manage legacy software

Like so many industries, the legal sector has become increasingly reliant on its own specific technology stack - a collection of software and
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Cloud Desktops: Not all solutions are created equal

A cloud desktop is a virtual desktop hosted in a secure data centre, accessed by individuals via a secure username and password. The desktop is
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Key considerations when migrating to the cloud

The ‘cloud’ is and has been the biggest buzzword in the IT industry for quite some time now. Yet despite this, the cloud is still proving to be a
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