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Is legacy technology holding back your accountancy firm?

The move to the cloud has been going on for years in the accountancy sector, fuelled by the popularity of systems like Xero and QuickBooks. As well
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How switching to Office 365 can help accountancy firms

Technology has always played a big part in the accountancy sector. And new technologies can often prove hugely beneficial in terms of updating and
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Five ways Legal and Accounting firms expose themselves to cyber crime

Cyber crime is a major threat to all businesses, and it’s one that is constantly evolving and updating – making it difficult to defend against. This
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Windows 7 end-of-life is fast approaching – make sure your firm is prepared

As with all products, there will come a point when the manufacturers decide no more. The point when they no longer support or make further releases
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GDPR: 8 questions professional service firms should be asking

With the General Data Protection Regulation now less than a year away most firms are beyond needing to understand the regulation. However some are
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Simple IT benchmarking for professional services firms

With technology playing such a fundamental role in today’s professional service industry, you can’t afford to experience significant IT downtime,
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