legal technology, accountancy tech | 17 February, 2022

Oosha hires Chris Morris to head up Pre-Sales

Oosha is delighted to announce that Chris Morris has recently joined the team as a Head of Pre-Sales Access Legal.

Chris joined us in November, bringing with him 24 years of experience and expertise in IT and managed services. In recent years, he co-founded Atlas Cloud, a managed service provider that operates on similar lines to Oosha, and was responsible for overseeing the technology side of that business.

With Access Legal and Oosha, he’s responsible for bridging the gap between the sales and technical teams, and Chris is able to leverage support from across the organisation to resolve customer issues. That way, customers get even better support from us when deploying our technology to solve their challenges and improve their security and compliance.

“We’re helping businesses grow through the use of technology, and take away the hassle of running complex IT systems and applications,” Chris says. “With my help, Oosha is now able to take full advantage of the Access Group’s teams and technologies, so that we can find better solutions for the challenges our customers have. For example, lots of customers want to talk about Microsoft 365, Sharepoint and cloud migration: Access Group has been helping customers in those areas for a long time and has dedicated teams for each of those areas. We can now use that expertise to support Oosha customers.”

Chris’s expertise is already proving to be invaluable for our customers in the legal sector who have data spread across many different working environments. He’s therefore working hard to help customers adopt Access Workspace: a unifying and secure cloud platform comprising software, data and analytics, making payroll, HR, IT and other functions accessible through the web.

“People have been moving into the cloud for several years now and have ended up with disparate systems,” Chris explains. “Not everyone within an organisation runs the same software, and IT teams don’t necessarily know where all the company’s data is. Access Workspace solves this by unifying everything and by bringing analytics to drive insights around how a business is using data. It’s really exciting to be able to push the vision for Access Workspace forward.”

Posted by Liam Stainer

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