Law, Cyber Security, IT partner, legal IT | 6 August, 2020

Case study: Clarkson Wright & Jakes Solicitors


Law firms face daily pressures in dealing with detailed documentation that must not only be in the correct formats, but that also must be fully secured due to the sensitive data they contain.

For the past two years, Oosha has partnered with Kent-based solicitor and notary business Clarkson Wright & Jakes (CWJ), who were looking for a new Practice Management System as their previous system was approaching end-of-life. They previously leveraged the support of an IT partner that wasn’t a legal specialist, and felt they needed sector-specific expertise to help them move towards a new, hosted PMS solution.

In particular, CWJ had a disparate array of third-party products that needed migrating onto the new platform, and Oosha was able to ensure that was executed successfully through careful planning. CWJ also benefited from the human side of the link-up, feeling reassured and confident in dealing with Oosha’s approachable and personable team, both on the phone and in person at their office. And critically, they have been able to move all their employees, and all their devices, onto multi-factor authentication - a security measure that’s especially valuable with more staff working remotely through lockdown and beyond.

In the full 15 minute interview below, you’ll hear from CWJ’s Andrew Wright on how they’ve prospered through working with Oosha, how the partnership has helped them adapt to the working challenges posed by COVID-19, and why cyber awareness training will help them maintain compliance long-term.

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Posted by Matthew Newton

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